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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Crunching into gear

Yep, I'm doing it. I'm forcing myself to get back onto the Laptop. For the last few weeks I've been battling with the dreaded all-day-sickness. No fun at all. But now, it eased to the point of being able to move without wanting to throwup. Yey! I know, sounds like I was in the wars, but I guess it what all us women have to go through eventually. If you haven't guessed or don't know. I'm pregnant. An unexpected surprise - so i'm adjusting. But in the meantime I gotta get some writing in before this bub arrives when I'll be so exhausted from lack of sleep and such.

On other news... The Ripple Effect: Dane came out last week. So thrilled. I also participated in a chat at Romance Junkies and that was pretty cool. On there we got onto a discussion. What heroine would I like to be? I thought about it and thought Buffy - but then she has man troubles. Angel the tormented vampire, Riley the blood-giving army guy and then Spike the bad boy that almost become unhinged.

So then the next thought. Which man did you like best in Buffy. Who would you like to have?

Angel Vs. Spike vs Riley


Monday, November 13, 2006

New stories

Well, I finally have news back from Cobblestone - both Dark Knight (under Becker) and It Happened One Christmas Eve (under Belle) has been accepted. I'm thrilled about it. I still have to get onto work on my manuscript/s. Right now, I don't know how long I have on the laptop, I can't look at it too long... Don't know why that is. I get a headache and feel sick, although I have been feeling sick for the last 2weeks.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

5 little things

Ok, it's been a long time coming, but I finally feel well enough to post.

I was tagged by Shelli, so here I go.

  1. I have about 9 other siblings.... 4 of them a grew up with. All of them bar my twin sister are only half-related.
  2. I love going to rodeos and listening to country music. It's a dark secret I kept until about two years ago.
  3. I wasn't so much a bully at school, just the girl that you didnt mess with because I was messed up. LOL. Ive calmed since then. Put a No Violence rule on myself about 7 years ago. But don't know how I'd go in an all out brawl now though...
  4. I don't have any friends that are girls (much - 'cept for online friends) all of them are men.
  5. I don't like chocolate.

Well, there you have it. 5 little things that you might not have known about me.

Well I tag: Y, Aimee & Annalee Blysse.


Thursday, November 02, 2006

Moving forward

Ok, so I started a day late on Nano - yesterday was filled with working out things for the future and fixing some updates for clients. But today is it. I've read over what I have and noticed a hole. I'm excited that i discovered this because it brings in two power-houses into the story - one baddy and one goody. And I always love getting new characters in that are larger than life. So I've read over the scene I had stalled on months ago and have turned it in a new direction. And the heroines occupation has changed for the better!

Well, that has me all pumped. FINALLY!!!

ALSO, y'all might want to check out my CONTEST PAGE for a chance to win and awesome oil burner. I like it but alas, I can't keep it.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

**Happy Dance**

Nope it's not the Salsa. I have now got.... wait for it.... an agent! Wahoo! For the first time someone other than me and my friends are excited about my Fallen Into Darkness MS. Christine called me at about 11.30am my time and we discussed a few things regarding FID. And what was wonderful is that I think we clicked right away. Which is always good. She was extremely helpful and her enthusaism rubbed off on me. Just when I began to dispair that FID wouldn't find an agent, one finally said yes!

So, now I gotta get my hiney into gear and finish writing several books in the Fallen series.

Oh, and you know what? I thought that minute I'd land an agent I'd go out and celebrate... Hmm, well, I thought Andrew would set something up. Well, I had to tell him to do something - so this friday night we might go out to dinner.