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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Dipped, battered and fried

Yep, I'm fried. My brain is on overload. For the last week, I've been struggling with my historical. It's like pulling teeth. Although, to me the premise is great and the characters are wonderful, I'm finding myself lacking the enthusiasm right now to write them. Why? I can blame it on Dante. As you might recall I did say that he was a VERY insistant character. Well, now the decision is made - my hand has been forced - I will be writing my paranormal. *round of appluase* My historical will go on the backburner for a bit and will be re-visited in cases of writer's block or when I feel like it. *grins* but depending on how everything goes I might just see where the journey will take me.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Busy day and new client

Today was a busy day for me. Thanfully I had my daughter and day care and hence no distraction. Did I get any writing done? Not much. But what I did get done was a website. You might want to check it out here: http://www.calicastillo.net

Now, goals are going to be set up for myself starting 2morrow and 2nite I get to do some more writing since the website I was doing is FINITO! Yep, I can believe I finished it in a day flat!! What a difference it makes without my lovely girl around to demand my time.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Getting back my groove

First off, I'd like to mention that Lyric James - Author of Erotic multicultural romance - her website is now up and running. You can have a look at: http://www.lyricjamesbooks.net

Ok, after a week of hiatus, I now am going to get a back to writing. My head is just buzzing with scenes from both my historical and my paranormal although I am still conflicted with what to write. I would continue with my historical but I think I might have to write a scene of my para here and there just to keep Dante appeased.

Can I just say is Dante is probably the most insistent and determined character I've come up against. He is impatient and likes to titilate me with information every now and again. I was listening to the song 'Paint it black' by the Rolling stones and Dante thought to tell me that the Rolling Stones is a fave band of his. Now, I don't even own a Rolling Stone CD but it looks like I might be purchasing a few when I write his story. I know what his apartment looks like, his workplace and what he likes to wear. Now his music prefence... not to mention his um...*ahem* nocturnal activities.

Meanwhile, I have Simon's story to write from my historical and he is such a tortured soul. The herione has an injury that he was somehow involved in and as I move on in the story he is revealing to me, bits and pieces of what happened that fateful day. (BTW, my sister thinks I'm wierd since my characters have a life of their own...lol)

All I can say is: Men! *roll eyes*

Thursday, April 20, 2006

viral infection...what fun

Well, ends up I didn't OD on chocolate. I have a gastro viral infection. Since monday I've been battling nausea, headaches and a tummy ache that just kills. I haven't eaten or drunk much because when I do I'm sick. So been having a lot of early nights, sleeping as much as I can and the housework? Well, forget about it.

I finally had enough and went to the doctors. What drugs to I get? Nothing! *sniffle* anything to pass the nausea would be great. I did get a suggestion to get an over the counter drug (which imo doesn't count) that will stop my stomach from cramping up. If the pain doesn't go away but gets worse then I might have to go back and see if it's my appendix or overies. yay? God, I hope it is just an infection.

NEway, just thought to give you guys a heads up because I have been MIA in a bad way and need to somehow beat this bug so I can get on with everything...

On a bright note, I got another client and have loaded up her blog. You can check it out here: http://lyricjames.blogspot.com Thank you to whoever referred her to me. I'm hoping to load up her website shortly, but just to give you a little taste...

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter and my chocolate overdose

Ah, easter has come and gone and I can safely say that I CAN wait till next year. This was the first time in years that I actually got easter eggs. Now everyone may not know, I don't like milk chocolate. I prefer white. Why? Well, when I was younger...about 13 for easter I got heaps and heaps of eggs. I ate them in a space of a few hours and promptly got sick. From that day forth I couldn't stand the taste or smell of milk chocolate.

But this weekend I got 1 white chocolate bunny and a HUGE white choc bunny with colors and everything. Needless to say I ate those in the space of 3 days and Sunday being my worst. I started feeling a bit sick but didn't think much of it and went to bed. Needless to day I woke up at 4.30am sick to the stomach and about to hurl. So I had a very interesting morning. My tummy is sore, I don't want to put anything dairy near my mouth and have sworn off food that isn't plain. Breakfast? Plain crumpet and black coffee.

Well, they all say in moderation but man, I don't think I'll be having ANY chocolate for a long while. A good thing.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Shelli brought up a post about dreams and then it got me thinking. What are the dreams that you wake up to and say 'Thank GOD that was just a dream'? I've had a few of those in my life time but you know, if it's scary I don't want it! lol I can't watch scary movies so why did I dream about zombies chasing me and wanting to eat my brain? *sniffle* And why are they driving in a topless chev?

Now what about those dreams you just wish you didn't wake up from. Ok, you guys might think it's weird but Garth Brooks. He was my teenage rock star. Now coming from Aus, country music ain't that big so he was my secret. LOL making it extra tasty. So what, after years, am I doing fantasizing about him...and you know, he never took off his cowboy hat. *wink* Must be that... *drool*

Tell me about your dream that you did/didn't want to wake up from.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

What is it? Inspy or not

As you know, I've finished my paranormal that I'm hoping to eventually load up into series. The first in the series "Fallen into Darkness" Starts with the Archangel Gabriel. Now, some of you that have read the snippits in the contests held at the RD will remember that it H.O.T not erotica hot but steamy.

Now, I've had some very positive feedback from a cold read *thanks Cup* and she has brought something to my attention. The religious aspect of it. Yes, apparently it's pretty explicit as far as the religion goes. It now can go two ways, inspy or commercial. The only thing is...well...it has sex in it. And I mean 'getting hot in here' type stuff. Now, I'm sure that someone might be put off by the whole 'God' thing and on the otherside of the coin an inspy agent might be put off by the sex so what do I do? Submit to one that does both. If they think it's marketable I'll take what they have to offer.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I feel like...

Well, as some of you might NOT know, I am a twin. An identical twin. No joke okay. The reason I'm mentioning this is because recently I've been feeling very insecure about the whole submission/query process - now that isn't me at all. I've never once felt insecure or worried but I do now. I called up my twin and asked her had she been feeling insecure. She said she had been. She had gone for a job interview and had been fretting whether or not if she got the job. Now that explains my sudden worry...doesn't it. Coincidence? Perhaps.

But you see, me and my sister have always felt each other's pain, which goes back to childhood. Even when she lived an 2 hours from me I still managed to get odd emotions and would have to ring to find out what's up. She even got morning sickness with me - not instead of me - damnit! lol

Of course she even go physical pain off me - though nowhere near as bad as me, she got some. When I was having pains in the middle of the night she'd call me and ask if I was in pain. So it's not just emotional but physical as well. Bet she had fun when I was in labor haha..eh..I can wait till she has a baby.

Ok, enough rambling. Time to get on with writing.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Research and more

All right, after a bit of thought - I've FINALLY come up with a subject. Research. We all know we have to do it and in the end it can be quite fun but I have a new respect for contemporary writers. See, having written 2 historicals (both around the same era) I have a wealth of information. But you know what, the stuff is pretty much the same in them since they are at the same location. The titles, the address, types of clothes, food and day to day living. Now those things are researched and now sit in my mind so I can write on the most part without stopping.

But contemp (even para contemp) offers its own set of challenges. We all know the general day to day stuff but if I want to write about something in Los Angeles I have to do research to know what it looks like. Professions and even culture for every book has to be done. Everything starts pretty much anew and you have to get your structure right.

So really, I guess if I look at it, research is research and although easier to stick with it being set in New York all the time and having a main character that is a dentist (for example) we can't always do that in contemps. Things have to change, readers want something more -- so different locations and careers come into play. Not like the usual Lords and Ladies from my Historicals set in London eh?


Thursday, April 06, 2006

Without the Internet - Look at my eye twiching!

Well, you heard it. I had 3 days without the internet and boy was that an experience. I wouldn't say I'd addicted to it - but I WOULD say that I RELY on it a lot. Everything came to a screeching halt while I waited for the switch from one provider to another. I couldn't chat with anyone, and considering that I'm a WAHM and the only real contact I get is with other women is online then you can tell I was running up my phone bill *wink Elbie*. I can't wait to see hubby fall over at the bill...well, actually I can...

Secondly, since I'd just finished an MS and readying it for submission I kinda need the interent to figure out who to send it to and such.

Thirdly, I needed it to do research for my paranormal I'm doing for NCPs Harmony line...So without it I was a bit stuck so I worked on my historical. At least I know enough about the regency not to need the internet...mostly.

Now, without the internet, and KNOWING I don't have it, I noticed I habitually check my email and my fave sites. And everytime I loaded up I would hope of all hopes that it'd work. Well, it didn't. I'm not techy at all so I had to wait for hubby to load it all up - but once it was one I checked out RD and there were 11 - read it guys - 11!!! unread PAGES. I was blown away to say the least.

Anyway, I'm back up again and excited about it. Now off to do some research

Monday, April 03, 2006

Editing round one done

Wahoo. I've finished editing my dark paranormal and am now moving onto writing a query and synopsis. I'm hoping to get a good response from this but then we'll see.

Also, I've made bookmarks and will be sending them off to my publisher shortly...ok, back to writing

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Win a pearl necklace

Yep, I have my first competition!

Simply send in your receipt of purchase of His Unexpected Bride to jodicib@gmail.com and have a chance to win 1 of 4 genuine colourful pearl necklaces with 18K White Gold Plated. Each necklace is handmade with carefully drilled and selected genuine freshwater pearls.

Enjoy and good luck!