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Friday, June 30, 2006

Winter, rain and a cold

Well, for the last week or so it's been raining on and off, and for the most part my daughter has been inside. I really do look forward to tuesday and wednesday because Mia goes to daycare and I get some much needed writing in, housework and other general stuff in. So Monday night rolls around and Mia seemed a bit off. She had a temp and I woke up hubby and told him that if she had a temp in the morning she wasn't going to daycare.

Morning comes around and mia gives me a kiss good-bye so I assume she was better. I get a call in the afternoon saying she had a high temp so I got hubby to pick her up. Wednesday she was going up and down between being miserable and running about so I assumed she was getting better. Wrong. By mid-afternoon she was miserable, vomity and had a fever. So I'm trying to keep her fluids up but she isn't eating anything so I couldn't take it. By thurday I made an appointment and took her to the doctors.

Last night, she was up and down just crying and not wanting to be alone so I was in her room until 2 am patting her back and staying still so she didn't think I was going to leave her. I was in my own bed at 2am and up at 5.30am to look after mia. To top this week off, hubby has been doing over time for the last week and a bit (including weekends) so I've had no break.
And to top my week off: I'm sick. It was bound to happen I suppose. My head feels fuzzy, I'm mad that I didn't get any writing done this week due to this and the house is an utter shambles.

I am the biggest woss when it comes to flus. I hate them. Ahh well, I'm sure it'll all look better after a good nights sleep and a lot of Benidril.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I Finished!

Yes, folks, the other night I finished my FIRST novella!! I'm so excited. It's also my first futuristic too. I love writing in these time periods as opposed to historicals now. Why? Cause I can write a heroine that spits, swears and carries on with the best of them. I can employ a plot that is exciting and fast paced and most of all, I can create a red hot alien hero that just makes me salivate. Well, if you haven't figured it. This is pretty much the gist of my finished novella (I love saying that word) Bloodlust.

If you're curious, here is a blurb:

At Qantic Station, love rarely develops between people. Especially if one day you have to kill them to survive.

Kira has worked hard to become a Grade One Gladiator. Celebrated by the crowds and offered a life of relative ease, Kira knows her popularity comes at a price. But on a night where the kill should’ve been easy, she comes up against a new gladiator with a will to survive.

Lukiamo didn’t know how he ended up in an arena with a warrior woman intent on taking his head off. But one thing was for certain; he wasn’t going to let her win. When blood is spilt and she inadvertently starts the bonding process between them, Lukiamo is determined to have her as well as his freedom.

But before their love can even begin to blossom, someone is seeking their deaths in order to gain a power that will tear an entire planet asunder.

Yep, that's it. Now today I'll be starting a new one that I hope will be a futuristic/horror. Something different (although I doubt it'd be that scary since I'm a woss) Yes, I don't watch horror movies. Hell, scary thrillers I don't watch either. I mean for you Buffy fans, The Gentlemen episode was pretty scary for me! Yes, I did say woss. I am one.

But you know what. At the end of this I want to thank to my favorite Futuristic Author whose writing inspired me to give it a go: Jennifer Colgan / Bernadett Gardner. She was the first futuristic author I read and I was blown away by the way she introduced a new world so smoothly and with class. If you haven't read any of her books you should. She's great.

Ok, so you might be wondering if I'll be using Jodici Belle. (Yes, Jodici Belle isn't my real name) But ya know, I decided to use my real first name. Jodie. I put out a vote at home and on the forum I visited and it was neck and neck. In the end it worked out even and so I chose the name: JODIE BECKER for my paranormal/futuristic action adventures (they are a bit more hard core than my historicals so I felt it required a different name -- not not erotica hardcore(I don't think I can do that to save my life). Just alot of rough talk and voilence). So what do you think?

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Promo Time

How a look @ Cassidy Kent for some wonderful reads:

SUNSET KEYPublisher: PHAZEFreesia Daniels, personnel specialist and consummate planner, wasn't prepared to get the boot from her company for possessing a heart. When she decides to return home from Boston to the sunny beaches of Key West to lick her wounds, she discovers her heartbroken past has finally caught up with her in the form of Zachary Gray, her childhood sweetheart. He lures her to his island getaway and lands them smack in the middle of a raging hurricane. Lightning doesn't often strike twice, but this storm might give them both a second chance at love.

SANTA'S HELPERPublisher: AMBER QUILL PRESSWhen Manhattanite CEO Noel Ford decides to adopt a letter addressed to Santa Claus, he never expects to end up escorting sexy single mother Maura Kelly around the city on Christmas Eve. Because of her son Kyle’s selfless wish for her to find love again after her husband’s death, Maura agrees to spend the day with the handsome stranger, against her better judgment.The spark between Noel and Maura is immediate, but the distance between Park Avenue and the New Jersey suburbs is immense. Are their two worlds too dissimilar to merge or will they be able to bridge the distance with love?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

What's New @ Cobblestone?

Ariana Seven lives in a world without men. After a plague wipes out everyone with a Y chromosome, the women of Earth create the perfect utopian society. Secretly, Ari feels like a freak. Dating is a nightmare--and having sex? Forget about it!
Jackson Taylor has had the worst kind of day. He's screwed out of a promotion, his girlfriend dumps him, and just as he’s about to get flattened by a city bus he’s sucked into a time portal into the future. In this perfect world, they have only one use for men--as sperm donors. One look at Ari's silver-blond hair and velvety black eyes and he loses his heart.
* * * * * * * *

A lonely howl in the night draws Laney Parker out of her cabin. Determined to warn the rogue werewolf away from her pack’s territory, she heads into the wilderness unprotected. Little does she know, old wounds are about to be opened, and she will soon be forced to revisit her heartbreaking past.Two years have passed since Cole Holbrook was exiled from his pack. Now he’s back, determined to claim Laney as his mate, even if it means trespassing onto enemy territory to take her. Nothing will stop him. Not even his old rival--Laney’s pack leader brother, Seth.
* * * * * * *

Before Armand died by the hands of a vampire-hunting mob, he vowed Giselle Dubois he’d find a way to return to her on All Hallows' Eve. But after three centuries of waiting, her hopes have vanished, and feeling lonely, she is about to walk into the sunlight and end her life on All Hallows' Eve.
Until Armand wanders into Giselle's house. Except now he’s now thirty-five-year-old photographer Evan Harris. And he doesn’t remember her. She must awake his memories before dawn, using every single sensual means at her disposal. But would he be the same Armand she knew and loved?

Friday, June 23, 2006

To write or not to write

Well for the last two days (and most of the morning), I've been unable to write. Now, don't get me wrong, but it's not a lack of creativity but an overly clingy little girl named Mia. *sigh* Toddlers as so demanding when they are sick...and when *aren't* they sick? It seems every time she comes back from daycare she's brought home some new virus that she gives to me and I back to her. It's hard to write when you have a crying baby nearby and one insistent on being held. So by the end of the day I'm exhausted, I have to clean up and then by the time I get onto the computer I'm drawing blanks. I'm mentally exhausted from trying to block out the crying and getting up in the middle of the night to tend her and at 4.30 because Andrew is in the shower and Mia wants attention.

Guess how I woke up this morning. Mia picked up a book (a relatively heavy one) and threw it at me. It hit my forehead. Ouch! What a way to start the day... Oh well, I can only hope that I can get some in today and this weekend. GRR.

On another note: Hubby says he'd love to be a stay at home dad. Now the way I see how he handles long doses of mia....uhh I have my doubts. I don't think he could handle, Mia, house work and taking care of me. LOL But you know, when I become a famous author (k, you can stop laughing) He can try it on.

Friday, June 16, 2006

syno or not

I did another Micro 100. Why? Because dark was the main theme on everyones entry so I thought to put in a short sweeter piece. http://crabbycows.blogspot.com/2006/06/micro-100-entry-number-18.html

I got my US stamps yesterday (wahoo) So I can send out to more agents of my paranormal. So I'm finally moving forward with that one. Also, Ive noticed that some agents don't request synos. The dreaded synos. I personally think it's a good thing so that they can go in reading a book as a reader rather than knowing how it gets to the ending *then* reading it. I think it takes away from the story to read a syno. But then, it is industry and some are moving on to just a partial or just a full. I love it!

But if you're wondering about synos you might want to check out Romance Divas. They're having a synopsis competition (entries close 17th) but if you miss cut off still check it out - you can learn alot by judging!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What doesn't kill you...

As some of you might know, Crabby Cows have a new contest called the Micro 100. Object of the game is to write a complete story in that 100. Well, I tried. Check it out here. I never thought I could manage such a task but wow I was amazed. Besides I've noticed alot of the pieces are dark. I guess you can write dark alot easier in 100 words. *s*

Also, my futuristic. Besides my girl being sick I'm making some progress on it and am amazed by the difference in style this genre creates. You have to write in a world that is totally unfamiliar to the reader and insure the information you are supplying runs smoothly and without taking away from the story. So, I am determined to conquer this book and learn the art for worldbuilding. Hey, what doesnt kill you only makes your stronger....

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Recapturing my muse and speaking titles

We'll after picking myself off the ground, I am working on a new piece in an attempt to get my rusty writing up to speed. I'm excited about this one because It's a futuristic so it's teaching me new things and allowing my imagination to run wild and free.

And also, because it's going to be a novella that I'm hoping once it gets accepted somewhere I'm going to write a sequel to it. So, as you can see on the side, it's called 'Bloodlust' and although it might not make sense now, once you read it I'm sure it'll clear up somethings. Also it got me to thinking about titles. The ever important title. Your marketing tool that will get people to buy besides the cover and the blurd - the frist thing a reader will see. Is it hard for you to come up with a title? Do titles draw you first or is it something else?

I myself, haven't had too much trouble with titles. I love the creativity of developing one, but it's finding one that is unique that is hard. So here is what I think of when choosing a title:

Steer away from anything with the world 'Love' in it. Love is such a common word used in romance for me it's now 'blech'.

Keep it short and to the point. 3 words max

If you had to describe the premise in your book in 1 or 2 words what would it be. Be creative. Leave out things like: Hot, futuristc, historical (anything that rounds out the genre you're writing in) What is the story like?

Now, do the same with the heroine and hero. In 1 or 2 words describe them.

Ask the characters. Yep I know it sounds wierd but you'll be amazed what they say.

Now put all this together and see what you have.

Now that you've come up with a few, google it.

That's pretty much my method.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Just one of those days

Well, here I am having a *Blech* Day. It all started last nite. 12am rolls by and I'm in bed, unable to sleep, my brain just won't shut off. Just as I'm about to nod off, Mia starts crying. It's 12.20 and I go down to check on her. I change her nappy and she's off to crying again. Soon she gets out of bed and comes into the room. Wide awake. So then next few hours as spent trying to sooth Mia that might've been awake due to her ezcema playing up. I lay in bed with her in hopes she would go to sleep. Finally at 3am I leave her in bed and let her cry it out. Now I think, she's going to be up at5am so what's the point of going to bed. by 6am she is still asleep and I go to bed. 7.45 she comes into my room. Time to get up and make her breakfast. So I felt a bit refreshed, until I got my edits. The opening scene is cut and at first I wasn't sure if that was a goodn thing, but after a bit. I saw the logic of it...even though it pains me to see the scene go. Then I go out to the mail and lo and behold: A rejection....

Huh, I guess it's one of those days....

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Dancing Evolution

You may or may not have seen this:


Check it out. It's awesome

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The big C and I'm addicted

Yep, I'm addicted to crabby cows. With their snarky and helpful comments I can't help but visit and check out what they have to say and what I have to learn from both the C.Cows and other writers. Right now, they are doing a flash 500 creativity exercise/contest. You can check out my entry here . It was awesome to find out how many creative authors there are out there.

Check them out: http://crabbycows.blogspot.com

Monday, June 05, 2006

Diva releases From Cobblestone press

Loribelle Hunt's Erotic Contempory: Nikki just wants to get out unscathed from the sex club she goes to track down an employee. Just her luck to find hot co-worker Mack Chastain lying in wait for her.
Giving into six months temptation, she agrees to a weekend fling, determined to taste the forbidden just once. What can it hurt after all?
Mack Chastain can’t believe his good fortune when his old friend calls to warn him Nikki was going to the club. Mack’s had enough of being kept at arms length and has big plans for Nikki. Starting with complete submission of her body and soul.

Vivienne King's Erotic Fantasy: Lumina, princess of the Ice Kingdom. Pyroth, prince of Fire. Reuniting after a ten-month separation, they cannot resist stealing away into the night for a rendezvous of burning sexual passion. What Lumina and Pyroth cannot know is that this night of passion must last them for the next two years.

For plans have been put under way, one that will not only steal Lumina away into the tempest gale, but that will also leave her with no memory of the man who’s touch makes her heart thrill with wicked desire.

Shelli Stevens Erotic Contempory: Melanie Kemble goes to Hawaii with two major goals. To get a tan, and to have a fling. Then things take a twist--or at least her ankle does--and she finds herself in the care of a sexy doctor. One who’s more than willing to show her his bedside manner. When she realizes her feelings for Brian go way beyond the boundaries of a fling, Melanie panics and flees. But Brian isn’t finished with her just yet, and just how far will he go to get his sexy little tourist back?

Sara Dennis Contemporary: Three years ago, Valerie's husband was killed in the line of duty. Now she and her eleven-year-old son have a new home in California's Gold Country.

When he's accidentally shot with his father's gun, the race to the hospital puts them in the path of Dylan Graves, a Highway Patrolman with skeletons of his own that he doesn't want to face.

A widow and her son are exactly the people Dylan doesn't need in his life, or so he thinks. Sometimes, Fate has something else in mind. He's just hoping he doesn't end up Fortune's Fool.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sarcasm, sass and full cream milk -- No bull!

Crabbycows, a new and interesting blog with two editors heading it, have caught both my interest. These editors offer an insight to their world with sassy and sarcastic humor. Right now they have been critiquing opening scenes of up to 500 words with their blunt honesty. No Bull. I myself have chosen to go under the axe and experience the cold truth for myself. (Entry 13)

Since I'm only approx 8-9k in, and the stuff they pointed out shone light on the rest of what I have down. So I was thrilled since I can tighten my work even more than I could've without their insight. Thanks alot CCs!

Anyway, I found their input very helpful, and they noticed things that have passed mine and I've taken this all on board. So writers, if you are game have a looksee. Readers, have a looksee for a good laugh.

Friday, June 02, 2006

My potti mouth

Ugh! i have just had the worst potti incident this morning. I sat Mia on the toilet while she drank a cup of juice and sang songs and played games. Then, to keep her on there, I got a portable dvd on to keep her distracted. Well all was going fine and I'm thinking. This is it! She is going to do it. Well, she starts to get upset, and I want to keep her on there, but I thought, maybe her bum is cold. Ok, 5 minutes won't hurt? So i let her up and as I go to get some panties I notice something.... Her legs are wet. I have a closer look. She had peed...off the toilet.

I get upset, and take her back to the toilet all the while she is crying. I called up my hubby and rant in a real big way. Lets just say alot of yelling and kicking things went on. I was so frustrated with it and couldn't believe she did it off the toilet. I start to calm down and go outside to see Mia legs apart and letting another stream go. I yell, "No, NO! Pee in the toilet!" So the crying starts again and I take her to the toilet and sit her down. That's when I notice it. There is pee on the step...which means mia had started peeing JUST as she was getting off. SO Close yet so damned far. I went into another room and swore again (mind you the whole time hubby is on the phone).

He then suggestd putting her in nappies and just taking her to potti that way there will be not accidents. But to me that's a step back. The reason I have her in panties is so that she'll feel uncomfortalbe if she wees and wants to go to the toilet.

So after a HUGE rant and rave, I've now come up with a new plan. I've never punished or gotten upset with mia when she has an 'accident' but now I'm thinking to show it to her and tell her it's not supposed to go there, and take her to the toilet and say 'this is where you pee pee' and sit her on it. Hopefully, she'll get it...

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Potti training and musings

As you might know, I've been potti training my daughter for like - FOREVER! lol - well, about 5 months, and now I've moved onto abandoning nappies all together during the day for the last month. Still I haven't caught her despit making her sit on the potti and every time she has and accident I sit her on the potti. But I took advice from another blog and have been whacking mia on the toilet every 15minutes. Well, no luck yet. Yet again she did it in her panties. I need more trousers! I'm running out! House training a dog is SOO much more easier. Show it to them, take them to where they are supposed to go. 2-3weeks of that and the dog has got it. But then again, it's shown with growls and such and I don't do that with mia. Accidents are accidents. *sigh* I. Must. Persevere

Writing front:
So, I didn't do ANY writing yesterday. I just didn't have the drive, but this morning I've awoken with drive to work on my paranormal again. *Wahoo* I am of course resisting the urge to work on another paranormal that has been bugging me. You see, the first scene has been running through my head for months, I see it very clearly and it won't leave me alone. But, I've decided only 2 projects at a time. I don't think I can handle more than that. In fact, I'm not sure if I can handle 2. I've always been 'stay focused on one thing at a time and get that done' but for this one, I thought, what the hey. So it'll be interesting to see how I go.

Also, with my Contemp, it's a high school reunion thing (yes, I'm sure this one has been done to death) anyway, I keep on writing, then deleting, then re-writing the opening scene/s. I usually don't have a problem with openings, but for some reason this one is stumping me. I'm not sure where to start this story since the characters share such a history.