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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Taking longer than I thought.

Hmm, well, I'm almost finished with the 2nd synopsis/detailed plot thing for my FALLEN series and let me tell you - It's hard! I love synos, but usually I have story finished where as this one I feel like I've written utter crap. I keep looking at it thinking it sounds like a report and not at all capturing my voice. But, what can you do I suppose - but I have every intention of FINISHING the thing today. No ifs buts nothing.

Another thing. I'm upgrading my bed. Yep, for several months now I've been lying on a spring. Yes, you heard me, a spring sticking up through the mattress and poking me on my butt. What have I been doing, putting a pillow over it, but that's not going to save me forever. So, we went to Super Amart and looked at some mattresses. Loved the mid-range one $650. *o*

But I went looking around and convinced hubby it was time to get a King size bed. *wicked grin* I found a nice solid bed I liked and in total it would cost us $1400 including the fancy smanchsy mattress. Problem: It won't come in til mid-march. But I'm willing to compromise. We are going to buy a thin foam mattress to lay ontop of our dying mattress to last us a few months. I'm happy with that as long as I get the King. After all, when the little one (mia) has one of those nights - I end up not having enough sleep because she wants to sleep with us and I'm squeezed in. I love my space on the bed. :)


Blogger Karen Erickson said...

I'm jealous...a king bed. I want a king bed. Bad. :)

Those foam mattresses are actually decently comfy so you should be good til March. But a pregnant woman should not have to sleep w/ a spring digging into her back, lemme tell ya!

4:01 AM  
Blogger Amanda Brice said...

I'm super jealous of your king sized bed. I'll tell an embarassing secret...we still have a double bed although all our nice Calvin Klein sheets that were on our wedding registry are queens. We planned to get a queen bed, but since we're still in an apartment we stuck with the double until we get more space...just a few months left, hopefully!

6:59 AM  
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